Freeze Frame answers
You saw a shirt for $97. You didn’t have the cash, so you borrowed $50 from your mum and $50 from your dad = $100. You bought the shirt, and had $3 change. You gave your dad $1 and your mum $1 and kept the other $1 for yourself. Now you owe your mum $49 and your dad $49. 49+49 = 98 + your $1 = 99. Where is the missing $1?





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better question

what the fuck are you doing buying a shirt that costs 97 dollars

i hate this “math problem.”

so you pay 100, cost is 97 so you get 3 in change.

total cost was 97 ÷ 2 people to pay back = 48.5 each

so if you give them each 1 dollar change, that’s 49.50 each, times 2 is 99 total, and the remaining dollar goes to you. which is pretty rude anyway.

this is really dumb because it’s not even tricky. it’s not like it’s some crazy riddle with multiple possibilities. it’s worded misleadingly but it’s simple arithmetic.

i’m judging you really hard if you can’t figure it out.

…this doesn’t change the fact that a simple matter, but I don’t think pocketing a dollar of the original loans changes the amount “you” owe. The original version of this “math problem” had a three way split and the reason that the “extra” dollar was pocketed was to save the people involved the trouble of fighting over it.

(It also went a little bit further to make it sound confusing. I’m confused as to why I’m supposed to be mystified that someone spent $97 of $100 and had $3 left over.)


In fact, this is so far from confusing I have to stop and analyze why it’s supposed to be confusing.

It seems that the trick in the math problem is getting you to think of the $1 cash as both part of the original $100 loan and part of the results of that loan. The breakdown would be like this: “you” borrowed $50 and $50. ($100) You payback $1 and $1, so have $98 in outstanding loans ($49 and $49), which you “spent” on $1 cash and $97 in shirt. $98 and $1 and $1 = $100, nothing unaccounted for.

I hate this “clever” riddle, because it really isn’t clever at all:

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    this still bothers me…I’m not good with numbers.
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    the $49+$49=$98 is how much you owe not how much you spent so you shouldn’t add an extra $1 to the price that you owe...
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